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Research Into Affection – Free Online Porn Game

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Research Into Affection by Pink Hole Collective

Research Into Affection was first drafted in August of 2017: over the last 3 years, Pink Hole Collective has worked tirelessly to publish our very first porn game that we think you're going to love! Built on the Unity Engine, our team believes that RIA is going to be one of the smash-hit porn gaming titles this year. While we hate to toot our own trumpet, a quick look at our title ought to convince you of our ability to publish a world-class game.

Note that you can play RSI completely free of charge – just create an account and get gaming! We built our game on the microtransactions model, meaning that you don't have to pay a penny to fully enjoy the whole title if you don't want to. If you do want to support development, you can – just buy one of our unique features in the store and enhance your gameplay experience!

It's totally up to you and we're looking forward to having as many horny gamers as possible playing Research Into Affection: things get spicy and we're confident that the more people who play it, the bigger our fan base will become. A storm's brewing and we're going to come out with a lot of stans – that's clear from the get go!

Full Cloud Gaming From All The Big Companies

As we all know, from time to time you get interrupted during a porn gaming session and need to quickly close your browser (that, or you decide it's time to do something else, most likely after busting a nut!).

As a result of this, you can often find yourself forgetting to g to save and struggling to get back to the good bits of the game, having to instead play through the content you've already seen. We think we've solved that issue by creating one of the best cloud gaming environments possible with erotic games from all the big companies.

After every decision, your choice will be synchronized to our servers, allowing you to come and go as you please with no need to manually save. You can choose to manually save and load by going in game menu mode next time you want to play, but it's entirely up to you! This cloud feature also allows us to synchronize your achievements across all devices and browsers that you decide to play in.

Our achievement system is one of the best in the big niche of adult gaming – let's talk a little bit more about how it works and why you might want to jump on board. It's unlike anything you've seen before – that much we can guarantee!

Achievements in RIA Erotic Games System

The achievement system here has been created with the express purpose of providing you with the ability to replay the game and feel like you're still making overall progress. With patch 1.3, we introduced close to 250 achievements in the diary pages. They each come with their own individual tracking and rewards with instant SMS showing your progress via a notification icon.

Most of the rewards are never seen before pieces of artwork that you can open whenever you want, although some will provide you with new NPCs to interact with, tips screen that also displays tasks, items to use and character benefits that you can choose to enable and disable whenever you wish.

We Had The Credit Bar Extended And Added Events

New events for all kinds of credits bar challenges are already available. No one has completed all of our achievements just yet (there are some really hard ones!) but around 20 players have over 90% of them. We'll be presenting a special prize to the first person to get all of the initial achievements.

So it might be an idea for you to start playing Research Into Affection immediately – you could be the winner!

In patch 1.5, we're going to add a few more achievements and, again, rewards will be given out to those who manage to complete the achievements before others. The added credits bar will serve for many other challenges after the release date. Suffice to say that if you're a gamer that likes to finish games off completely, this will provide you with a 100% target to strive for.

Character Build-up For Female And Male Protagonist

In a lot of porn games, it really doesn't matter all that much about the decisions you make regarding your character's talent points and so on: not the case when it comes to Research Into Affection. Everything you do will influence the outcome of the game and we believe that this should start from the very moment you load the title up!

You may find yourself spending 5-10 minutes before even beginning the game, simply to ensure that you have your talent points, passive tree and perks sorted out. As you level up in RIA, you'll unlock additional points to make your character stronger and better in different ways.

We think we've struck a great balance here so that you can diversify your own experiences in many ways, adding extensive replay value and new angles of solving problems as you venture through the title.

For many NPCs, dialog options and activity choices are gated behind various thresholds. Thankfully, these can be developed in-game by performing certain activities (studying, working, exercise, etc.) but don't think it will all come easily! RIA is a challenge and we like it that way.

The Hot Characters Of RIS And Their Special Features

Most of the action in Research Into Affection takes place in Maya's Apartment, where we made sure that multiple room items can be used for naughty interactions, not just Maya's big ass. The Maya content is also the main attraction because she gets to interfere with all the other characters. The new character Laura is also of interest, because the Laura content is offering satisfaction for fetish gameplay.

There's also a new desired location that was requested by our Patreon supporters. They wanted the addition of a boutique store and with that, we thought of adding neighbor content, with multiple locations that will also bring the possibility of more sexual content. With the boutique store added, there was the need to start events that will give players obvious reasons to shop for items. So we added the motel eve content with a series of lingerie events.

With so many new characters, there was also the need for Maya Reworked content. We've added fairy pages that will include all the new characters and the interactions log, and new Maya text messages with contacts that will serve as shortcuts for booty calls. We've also added diary pages which will give you lots of spicy details.

Incredible Game Development For Complex Sexual Encounters

The sex engine in Research Into Affection is probably the best on the adult game development right now – that's not something we say without believing it either! When you interact sexually with partners in Research Into Affection, you'll have an extensive level of control over the action if you so desire. Now, it's entirely possible to play the game and sex engine scenes completely automatically, but we think having a little control is a good thing overall.

In these erotic games you decide how passionate or how dirty your encounters will be. There are dozens of positions to choose from, different locations for sex, speed controls, depth levels and even submissive/dominant roles that you can select depending on how you feel like doing things. With voice acting to boot, this truly is an experience that you'll struggle to find elsewhere.

It's a sexy adventure that will have you picking and fiddling with buttons all over the place. You might feel like you're in an Airbus cockpit at the start, but once you get a hang of the controls, you'll be rewarded with some truly impressive gaming fun. Try it out and see for yourself – it's stellar stuff!

Bugs Fixed And Characters Added On A Regular Basis

This might be a new game, but the team behind it has several years of experience in erotic games development. This is out most successful title so far, and all the big companies in the niche for erotic games have tried to buy our project for themselves. But we knew that there's a website called patreon and realized that we can run the show ourselves with the help of our fans. And we managed to put out a product that didn't need too many bug fixes after the initial release. It was ready to go from the beta version.

But even though there is no need for bug fixes, we're constantly working on improving this game. Most of our updates are for adding store items, such as a lingerie outfit and sex toys. We also fixed numerus dialog errors that were caused by a development build conflict of the game with the Android language.

The most requested feature for the game was the cheat menu. Honestly, the team of Sweet Affection isn't thrilled with having cheat menus in games, because we feel like it lessens the experience. But we were convinced to finally add this feature by what one of our supporters told us. By adding a cheat feature we give players the chance to go back and enjoy their favorite characters. The spa side characters were the hardest to reach.

Now with the Spa unlocked location because of the cheats menu, everyone can enjoy the Kelly level, which we planned on keeping as an Easter egg. We no longer refer to that as the secret level. There still is an Easter Egg in the game, and nobody has discovered it yet.

Spy Cams And Instant SMS Showing In Future Updates

I don't want to get into game development chit-chat, but big things will come in the future updates and patched of RSI. If you think this game is what the big companies wanted for themselves, waif until they see what a handful of horny supporters across a website called Patreon and a team of game devs with several years of experience can build up when they actually care about their project.

The hazel content update with that intro event and the coffee shop action was nothing compared to what we're working on. The new Lucy level that will come will come up next and the Kelly Lucy events will double the events total in the game.

The SMS function will also be improved after will have the change log box removed from the game menu UI.

The new patch will also come with added spy cams, which will open up the possibility for so much more kink play. It will be integrated with the Jane content to deliver satisfaction for all the spycam fetishists since voyeurism is a big niche for erotic gamers.

Now: how about you sign up and log into Research Into Affection to try this game out for yourself? Remember, our game will always be 100% free and you can play it on any device!

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